Christ is Superior to Moses

Moses was a great man. No doubt about it. In the Bible story, Moses was one of the greatest.

After a difficult start (read Exo 2:1-10), he grew up surrounded by the enormous wealth and power of Egypt. But it seems he never forgot his Hebrew roots, for he came to the aid of one of his own people by killing an Egyptian who was beating one of his people.

Anyway, Moses flees to the desert for safety, where he gets a job as a shepherd, settles down, gets married and fathers a child. Not the wealth he grew up with, but Moses was content.

One day though, God confronts him in a burning bush and sends him back to Egypt to rescue the Hebrew people from slavery, and to lead them into the Promised Land.

Moses obeys the Lord, returns to Egypt, and was able to lead the people out on their journey towards their true home. Not without struggle, mind you. But they were able to escape their slavery.

Along the way, the Lord begins to speak to Moses “mouth to mouth,” as the Bible puts it. “Face to face,” we would say. For Moses was God’s servant, “faithful in all My house” [Num 12:6-8].

What a great privilege. No one else in the Bible had this sort of relationship with God, at least, not since Adam before he sinned in the Garden of Eden.

God revealed things to Moses that he revealed to no one else. Moses taught the people the 10 Commandments. He taught them the importance of sacrifice for sin, and of God’s intention to dwell with His people.

Moses was the great deliverer who led them out of bondage to the edge of the Promised Land. And he did it faithfully, enduring the complaints, criticism and outright rebellion of the people the whole time.

No wonder the Jews revered Moses.

But, as faithful as Moses was, he was unable to bring them into the Promised Land. It would take another to do that – Joshua – whose name, incidentally, means ‘Saviour.’ Hmm, that too reminds me of Another…

Moses was certainly worthy of great honour. But Moses was a pointer to Someone greater – Someone who is worthy of greater honour than even Moses.

And the book of Hebrews continues this theme of the superiority of this One who is over all others, as Mike showed us on Sunday from Heb 3.

Jesus Christ is the one to whom Moses pointed. Moses was a servant in the house. A faithful servant, to be sure, but a servant none-the-less.

Jesus Christ is faithful too. But He is faithful as a Son in the house. For He not only has the ear of the Father every day, but He is the heir of the house.

All of the Father’s possessions will one day be His. And, according to Heb 3:6, we are the house that He will one day inherit – if we hold fast to Him.

Moses was counted worthy of some glory for he was faithful in God’s house.

But Jesus Christ is worthy of more glory than Moses. For He is supreme over all creation, over all the angels, over Moses – and as Hebrews will go on to show us – over the Law that Moses delivered to the people. Jesus Christ is faithful to deliver into the true Promised Land all who would put their trust in Him. Won’t you do that today?

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