Worthy causes

If you are looking demonstrate your love for the saints in practical ways, here are a number of ministries we support as a church either regularly, or occasionally. You may want to consider financial support one or more of these worthy causes:

Be’Ad Chaim – Helping Israeli women and men choose LIFE: https://beadchaim.com/

Mark & Gina Borg – A Maltese speaking church serving the people of Malta: https://www.ecmaustralia.org/borgs

Christian Friends of Israel – A ministry to Israel and the Jewish people: https://cfijerusalem.org

Faith Comes by Hearing – Providing Gods’s word in audio format in every language that needs it: https://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com/

Help World Tour Vanuatu church – Building a church and community centre in Teouma, Vanuatu: https://www.helpwt.com/

Donate to help build the church here: 
Name: Terry Helmick
BSB: 732573
Account #: 681441

Sukuma Foundation – supporting underprivileged children at Pebbles Primrose Nursery School: https://sukumafoundation.org/nursery-school/

Right Hope School – Education for poor children in Nongstoin, India: http://righthope.com/