Good Men and Charlatans Pt 1

Near-universal access to the internet has provided us all with many benefits – and just as many curses. There is one internet experience we all seem to ‘enjoy’ – the scammer.

It may be the email from an African prince offering to share their wealth if you’ll just help them get it out of their country – via your bank account, of course.

Or the pre-recorded phone message from the Tax Office warning you that you “tax number has been suspended and a warrant has been issued for your arrest.”

The internet should make these scams easy to see through, should make it easy to check the legitimacy, but sadly it seems to have made more people vulnerable.

To be sucked in by these scammers, deceivers and charlatans – as serious and tragic as it is – is nowhere near as serious and tragic as being sucked in by religious scammers, deceivers and charlatans.

And unfortunately, the Christian church is rife with them too. They are often immensely popular and influential too.

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