This is a Hard Saying

It never seemed to bother Jesus that so many people misunderstood what He said. He didn’t go out of His way to explain things to His hearers. And He never chased after anyone when they didn’t like what He said.

In fact, He did the opposite. He spoke in parables for the express purpose of hiding the true meaning from those listening in. “To you has been given the secret of the kingdom of God, but for those outside everything is in parables, so that they may indeed see but not perceive, and may indeed hear but not understand, lest they should turn and be forgiven” [Mark 4:11-12].

Seems so strange to us that He would do that. We try to ‘defend God’s honour’ by making excuses for difficult things, or trying to explain them away. God forbid that we should let God’s words stand as they are!

Not Jesus though. He seemed content to let God deal with the fall-out of His words. Which, I presume, is why He let everyone walk away when they couldn’t accept His words in John 6:53-66. “This is a hard saying; who can accept it?” [v 60].

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