Resurrection Bodies

When I was a young bloke, I loved camping. Getting away from ‘the Big Smoke’ with my flimsy little tent, and the most basic of equipment and supplies was always fun.

I camped on the surf beaches, I camped in the hills, I camped in the outback, and I camped by the Murray River, a particular favourite to this day.

It was always pretty rough-and-ready camping. No comfy bed, no showers, no kitchen table, no fridge, no electronic devices, not even toilet facilities. Ahh, such fond memories.

There’s a relatively recent phenomenon known as ‘Glamping’ – glamorous camping. It blends some of the benefits of traditional camping – beautiful locations, low impact on the environment – with some of the mod-cons of home – spacious, large comfy bed, maybe even an air-conditioner.

When glamping, you’ll be under the shelter of a very large and solid tent, often a yurt. Chances are, you’ll be the only people there. And the view is almost guaranteed to be spectacular.

But whether camping or glamping, there are drawbacks. Living in a tent will never be as comfortable or secure or safe as living in your own home. You’re away from familiar environments, separated from the people you know and love, with limited protection from the elements, and limited access to all the conveniences of modern life that we enjoy without even thinking about them.

Not entirely unlike living in this earthly body…

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