God, Our Refuge Pt 2

Mike took us back to Ps 46 on Sunday to look a bit more at how God is our Fortress. Given the snap decision by our state government to implement another COVID lockdown, it’s timely to be reminded that we shouldn’t put our confidence in anything of the world.

People had made plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with loved ones, or booked weekends away, all to no avail. For the world continues to be uncertain, and we can’t be sure of anything even beyond the next hour, let alone next week or next month.

The Psalmists, the Sons of Korah, remind us that – in God – we have a fortress that is a place of refuge and defence. But He is not only a place to hide and shelter from chaos or attack. He goes on the attack also.

“The nations rage…” [Ps 46:6a], but that is of no concern to our fortress. For “He utters His voice and the earth melts.” [Ps 46:6b].

The Psalmist then calls us to turn our attention to what the Lord has already done. “Come, behold the works of the LORD…” [v8a], we are told. Remember what He has done, for in the remembering, we are stirred to greater faith and courage and peace.

“…He has brought desolations on the earth” [v8b]. What dynasty has survived indefinitely? The Chaldeans, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans? They all fall in time. And so will nations today, no matter how powerful the may seem at the moment.

He brings desolation on all the enemies of His people. And He will do that with finality one day.

“He makes wars cease… He breaks the bow… He burns the chariots with fire” [v9]. Who does that? The government? Us? No. No one has that sort of power but the Lord Himself.

We can have the utmost confidence in our God, our Fortress. For Jesus Christ has already defeated the greatest enemies – sin, death and the devil.

And it’s only a matter of time before His victory is totally imposed on all creation. Until then, we can rest safely and confidently in Him. We can “be still, and know that (He is) God” [v10a]. There is nothing that need trouble us today. For “… (Jesus Christ) Himself is our peace…” [see Eph 2:13-16].

When that day finally comes, it will matter which side you find yourself on. “(He) will be exalted among the nations, (He) will be exalted in the earth” [v10b]. You will have no choice but to bow before Him, to acknowledge Him as Lord of all.

Now then is the time to put your trust in Him. For when that day comes, it will be too late to change your mind. If you have not done that, I implore you to do it today.

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