Christ, The Firstfruits

When was the last time you picked a lettuce off your orange tree? Or a cucumber? Or anything else besides an orange? I suspect it’s been a long, long time.

Why? Because, in spite of all the genetic tinkering done by scientists, an orange tree still only produces oranges. And aren’t you glad about that? Aren’t you glad that you can count on getting oranges from that tree?

And do you remember the joy of plucking that first sweet, juicy orange for the season off the tree? What a delight! And did you notice that there wasn’t just one lone solitary orange on the tree. There were dozens, hundreds of them – some riper than others, but all of them getting closer to being ready to pick by the day. That first one is what the Bible would call ‘firstfruits.’ And the firstfruits of any crop, even any animal, was cause for celebration – for a number of reasons.

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