Resurrection or Bust!

Christianity has been under attack from the very first days of its existence. Those attacks have been relentless – even vicious – and yet it survives.

Modern critics such as Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens – commonly known as ‘The New Atheists’ – continue the tradition.

It seems to me that most of their attacks have been directed at the wrong target. You’d think they’d learn after all this time.

But they continue to attack on the same fronts that have proved impregnable for centuries: the existence of God; the reliability of the Bible; creation vs ‘Big Bang,’ the hypocrisy of Christians, and more.

And every attack fails. But there is a weak spot that they should attack, there is one vulnerability. If you can tear down this, then the whole of Christianity will collapse like a house of cards in a violent storm.

And to help their cause, the Bible even tells them where to attack.

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