A New Heaven and a New Earth

How many crazy End Times theories have been concocted over the generations out of the book of Revelation, I wonder? Probably nearly as many as the stars in the heavens.

And how many of those have proven to be right so far? I’m guessing about as many as the stars in the oceans. But still, we can’t help ourselves. Every major earthquake, every war, or plague we try to tie to some verse or chapter in Revelation. Thereby hoping to work out a timeline of the Last Days.

It certainly would be convenient to be able to link these events to specific passages in Revelation. Then we could look at this Coronavirus and know how close we are to the end of all days.

But that’s not why Revelation was given to us. And many people have stubbed their toes on this book by trying to use it for the wrong reasons.

For I’m convinced Revelation was given to us for an entirely different purpose.

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