Reflections On A Year We’d Rather Forget

There never was an athlete who was able to perform at the peak of his skills by sitting on the couch watching TV. He could watch 18 hours of his chosen sport every day, but he will never even get picked for the team, let alone be able to excel.

Not even if that athlete is LeBron James, or Serena Williams, or Dustin Martin. It just doesn’t work that way.

The athlete has to train – train hard, train often, train relentlessly. There is nothing comfortable or particularly enjoyable about training. The athlete has to push against resistance, and push through pain barriers that would overwhelm the average person. The end result may be satisfying and enjoyable, but the path to that end is nothing short of intensely demanding and painful.

And few are able to reach the pinnacle of their sport without a coach to push them harder and further than they ever imagined they could go.

And so it is with Christian life and faith…

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