A Difficult and Divisive Doctrine

We had some solid food to chew on Sunday at church. Food that JI Packer said “is strong meat: very nourishing to those who can take it, but acutely indigestible to those whose spiritual system is out of order.”

We can blame Jesus for leading us into it, for we were only considering what He means by His words in John 6:35-48. It’s not the only place He talks about this though. It keeps popping up in John’s gospel. Matthew, Mark and Luke all record similar statements. Paul brings it up – often. James and Peter mention it. Even Jude brings it up in his short letter.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and Jeremiah are all examples of it. So clearly it must be food that the Lord wants us to chew on, to digest, and to absorb.

And yet, Christians argue over it – heatedly. Churches have split over it. Which tells me one thing about this food, this teaching – we don’t understand it. For that is the last thing that should be happening.

So what it this solid food?

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