Why Do Only Some Believe?

Why is it that some people put their trust in Jesus Christ, and others do not? What sets these people apart that they become Christians, while others don’t?

Are some more righteous than others to begin with? Are they more godly, more holy already, so that they naturally take the next step and trust Jesus entirely? Is that what happens?

I doubt it. I can think of any number of people I know who seem to be better people than I, who at the same time, express zero interest in Christ. Some even openly declare their atheism.

Maybe they are more spiritual than others. They’ve always had an interest in spirituality, so it’s natural to take the next step into Christian faith.

Again, I doubt it. I’ve met plenty of very ‘spiritual’ people, many of whom I would suggest are spiritual fruit-loops, with no real interest in Jesus Christ.

Are some more intelligent than others, and so make the right decision for Christ? Surely not, for some of the most intelligent people on earth are often the most anti-God.

Well, maybe it’s that some recognise their need, their sin, their emptiness, their bankruptcy, more than others. But then I’ve known some pretty glum, pretty defeated people that never turn to Christ.

So, what is it then?

Jesus answers that question – at least, in part – in John 6. And it can make for uncomfortable – and confusing – reading for some people.

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