First World Problems

What a frustrating and disappointing weekend. Many hours were spent planning and preparing for our first face-to-face church meeting in several months.

Since we are in between venues, we decided to hold the first one in our home. Connor spent some hours working out the audio-visual setup so that we could both Zoom the meeting for those who might be unable to attend in person, and also ensure we had whatever sound and video requirements necessary for those meeting in our home.

All systems “Go” to meet together and still comply with government regulations, it would seem. And enthusiasm all round.

Or so we thought…

Buried there in the fine-print of the regulations was a phrase that made clear that ‘religious gatherings’ in a private home were restricted to 2 visitors. Strike 1!

So, with Harley and Teash’s help, we scoped out a suitable outdoor location to meet. Given the weather forecast was warm and sunny, this seemed safe.

Until 9.30 Sunday morning, when the rain set in. Strike 2!

So, back to Plan A, and Zoom the meeting as we’ve been doing for several months.

Disappointing for all who were excited about finally catching up with friends and family.

But we need to keep our disappointment in perspective…

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