Christian, Watch Your Mouth!

As the US Presidential election looms, we’ve witnessed an escalation of venom and fury from both camps. To hear some speak, Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ, and all who vote for him should be arrested – or worse.

To listen to others, Joe Biden will be the last nail in the coffin of a civilised Christian nation. To vote for him is to vote for evil to rule the land.

To their supporters, however, it seems they can do no wrong and speak no wrong. Their supporters seem to imagine that the only hope of bringing about a utopian society is for their preferred candidate to win the election.

The divide has become so bitter that there have been reports of an armed insurrection should Biden win, or rioting in the streets, and looting of shops, and burning of buildings should Trump be re-elected.

How has a civilised, educated, wealthy and advanced society descended to this? At what point did any imagine that either Trump or Biden are the Messiah, sent to bring in that utopian paradise on earth that we all long for?

I’ve got news for you, voters of America; neither man will be your Saviour. Neither man will usher in ‘peace on earth and goodwill to all men.’

And neither man is the Anti-Christ either, although you wouldn’t think so to listen to their opponents speak. Rather, they are both fallen men, attempting to lead fallen people, in a fallen world. Neither will be able to undo the Fall.

So it beggars belief that their supporters could ever imagine otherwise. When did humans lose all sense of perspective and rational thought?

But as disturbing as it is to witness the vitriolic polarisation from the general population, it is far more disturbing to hear it spew out of the mouths of those who call themselves followers of Christ.

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