“Worth Quoting 8”

I am regularly bursting to say something about the most precious things in the universe – and not in any disinterested, dispassionate, composed, detached, unemotional, so-called scholarly way, but rather with total interest, warm passion, discomposure, utter attachment, and fully emotional, and I hope always, true.

John Piper
The Pastor as Scholar and The Scholar as Pastor. Reflections on Life and Ministry with D.A. Carson

Maintaining Our Spiritual Health

Some notes from the message on Maintaining Our Spiritual Health – Sunday April 17, 2011

Preach the Gospel to yourself regularly
At Easter Jesus was condemned. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. http://bible.us/Rom8.1.ESV

The gospel or good news is not just the grace of God that saves us but it is also the grace of God that sustains us. We don’t start with the spirit and seek to perfect ourselves in the flesh – it begins and ends with the Holy Spirit leading, guiding and showing us the way.
Study Romans for the most complete understanding of the Gospel and Galatians for Paul’s personal and impassioned plea to never loose what was gained by Jesus for our benefit – the good news.

Read and study the Bible regularly
Listen to worship or uplifting music

– Simply being in a room with people is not fellowship.
– Find out about each other by asking questions.
– Pray for each other
Get over offenses quickly
– Forgive those who hurt you
– Pray for them
– Do good to them even if it is not returned
– Speak with them and do your best to get things cleared up
Guard your heart against all forms of pride
– Overt
– Covert
– Spiritual
Keep in good physical shape
– Rest
– Recreate
– Keep active
– Keep hydrated
Keep in good financial shape
– Prepare a budget
– Stick to your budget
– Live without a credit card if you can or keep a very small limit and try not to be tempted to increase it
– Save for your future and regular holidays
Be an encourager
– Be genuine
– Initiate and don’t always wait to be encouraged
– When you think of people pray for them or txt, call or inbox them