The vineyard

Well 2009 has come to an end and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for making it a very special year.

The kingdom of God is on the move across the whole world and it is made up of those who have decided to follow Jesus from every tribe, tongue, nation and denomination. Each local church could be thought of as a separate vineyard within the vastness of God’s kingdom, each having its own unique vintage that includes colour, body, flavour and smell all of which should be easily recognizable and appreciated. As a church Jesus is pressing out this vintage which is made up of each of us, and includes our giftings, callings, passions, and enthusiasm. These ingredients are being blended together to create a continual supply of new wine that is to be shared with a world that is thirsty but often does not realise it.

With that in mind I want to encourage each of you that our little vineyard at City Edge is taking shape and not only is it looking good but the fruit is starting to bud in readiness for a wonderful harvest each year that lies ahead. There is a place for everyone of us in this vineyard and 2009 saw the beginnings as we started to find out what part of it that we have been called to work in. I have thoroughly enjoyed rubbing shoulders with you as we have tended the vines together.

No one puts new wine into old wineskins as both will be destroyed we need new wine in new wine skins and this year promises to be one where the new wine of the good news that is Jesus – needs to be kept in new wine skins made up of first and foremost hearing him every step of the way. Not relying on what has worked in the past or blindly importing what is working in another vineyard, but actively listening to voice of the master vine-dresser and what it is that he wants to do in his vineyard.

I want to wish you all a really fantastic 2010 and on behalf of Rhonda & Alex we are really looking forward to sharing it with all of you.